Be Smart Phone Smart

For November 2016 to April  I worked with Tower Hamlets Youth Council on a Youth Information Film about Nude Selfies.

We developed the film by first looking at how other agencies and organisations had tackled this subject. The youth council members  also met with a Police Officer who explained the legal side of this phenomenon to them.

At regular development sessions the group created scenarios and sketched out what they felt would help to convey the dangers around posting and sharing Nude images of themselves and other young people.

From these sessions an animatic was produced which was revised again and again until everyone was happy with how it handled the subject.

Then during  February Half-Term we spent a long afternoon creating much more polished illustrations, recording character voices for the final filming eating pizzas.

The film received its first public screening at the Genesis Cinema in May 2017.

During July 2017 the film will be used by the young people as they visit schools in Tower Hamlets and talk to their peers.