YouthTV at APC

With the Roman TV project that I worked on in 2011? one problem that I felt needed to be addressed was how the young people talked to the camera. Some people can do this very easily and are at ease wilst others need that extra bit of help.

What I felt we needed was an autocue system. These have long been a staple of TV broadcasting and I really felt that if we could bring this to the work I was doing with young people it would help them to be more relaxed in front of the camera. Additionally some of the recording we had done on the Roman TV project had taken a very long time to get right and I wanted to be able to increase productivity on future projects.

In 2012 I got hold of an autocue that could be used with an iPad. I ran some tests and what it allowed us to achieve was pretty incredible.

I developed a pilot project we could do with young people to test out where we could take this. My feeling being that we could eventually create a regular youth magazine programme.

In September 2013 we had the opportunity to try this out. The video we created was rough and ready in places and needed to be developed on from this point. But the speed with which we created it from script, to shoot, to edit made it a viable way to communicate with young people and also give them media experience.

Unfortunately additional funding for this idea has not been found up to now, but it is still an idea that I would like to take forward.

One possible scenario is to make a local Summer Youth TV show that could be recorded and broadcast everyday during the summer holidays to keep young people Informed of what there is to do and get involved in during the long summer holidays.

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