Creative Partnerships

With the current financial climate it is becoming increasingly hard to find someone who will give you funding to try something out – explore – make mistakes and even fail.

But that is exactly what I was given the opportunity to do between 2008 and 2010 by Creative Partnerships (now A New Direction).

They ran a project where creative practitioners were parachuted into school’s as effectively artists in residence and then pretty much left to work out ways of bringing creativity into the school.

Obviously there were some guidelines and  we each had a designated creative agent to support us. But one of the key aims of the project was to respond to the school and develop something that would be unique to that specific school.

This was one of the most creative opportunities that I’ve so far been offered. The freedom that I had make the experience very much like being back at college. I embraced the opportunity to explore different ways of collaborating with year groups and teachers.

A lot of what I learnt on these projects fed back directly into the work that I developed for the Summer Uni Projects in Enfield and that work then fed back into subsequent school placements.

Unfortunately I can’t see an opportunity like this coming up again – those schemes and pots of money are gone.

To have that safety net to fail is becoming rarer and rarer and more costly.