Wilbury School, N9

My third and final year with Creative Partnerships was for me the one where I got so much right.

This time I was limited to only working with year 5 – although in this school there are 4 forms in each year group.

Working with just 4 classes meant that I had more time to spend with each group making each film and that is where everything started to fall into place.

The extra time meant we could work at a slower pace and the young people could spend more time working on each part of their movie. Infact I spent two weeks of afternoons working with each class.

The work the classes produced was phenomenally good. I broke down the film making process into small steps and let them work on sections that were only 10 – 40 seconds long – which in animation is still a lot to complete.

There were two times on this project when I was just thrilled to pieces with the work that the young people were doing.

One was when a boy worked out by himself a sequence of two characters rushing towards each other. He instinctively filmed it so that it contained cross cutting back and forth as they rushed from opposite sides of the screen – amazing.

The second one was when a camera malfunctioned and two students managed to still film their work using the laptop’s built-in camera without either of them or their hands being seen.

With this model of work I finally felt that I was able to bring so much of what I wanted to bring into schools about the joy of film making and it is probably best summed up by one of the children when they watched their film.

“It was really good to make because it’s all our work, not like when we made a film before.”