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Delirium Number 7Delirium was a magazine project that I worked on with YAVE (Youth Action Volunteering Enfield).

It started with YAVE’s wish to create a more polished magazine that young people could volunteer on to write and design. At the same time we had to keep the project manageable as there were only so many sessions available to work in.

I came up with the initial template and layout and we then worked with groups of young people to produce each edition. Some of the features were taken from previous magazine projects that I’d worked on – in particular MQ Magazine which I’d developed with Enfield Youth Assembly in 2001/ 2002. That was the last magazine I produced in Quark Xpress before switching to Indesign and using PDFs for sending the magazine to the printers.

We usually had a group of about 8 – 12 young journalist volunteers who worked on the writing and design. They brought their ideas and interests so there was always a freshness to the magazine and new things to try out – like a reversible cover on  edition number 3 – not something that really works online.

Delirium_magazinesAfter producing a few editions the young people asked for more in depth training on layout and Indesign so I developed 3 short workshops which were then incorporated into every subsequent edition’s starter sessions.

It was a great project that we tweaked and adjusted as we went along, then just as we were getting really used to producing it on a regular basis (I think we managed 3 editions in the final year) the money was cut.

Which is why on the last edition the logo is printed in black.

All editions are viewable online here at ISSUU

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