Enfield Thinks Workshop Notes

These are notes from the workshop that I facilitated for the Enfield Thinks Project on April 16 2015.


One Froggy Evening

Paris Je T’aime

Walk Tall



Harvey Pekar / American Splendor

Adventures in the Screentrade – William Goldman – Not a how to screenwriting book, although the end part taking a short story and turning it into a screenplay does give a lot of incite, but a great read for anyone interested in the workings of the film industry. This was written in the 1980s so a lot of the anecdotes refer to that era.

No Film School – It does get bogged down with information and stories about technological developments and camera, but there is also a lot to glean from here about the creation of films. Their weekly e-newsletter is great to pick through.

David Mamet – his books and Guardian Columns from a few years back are great reads – in particular this one on movie endings.

Screenwriting Exercise Template PDF

Screenwriting Exercise Template WORD DOC

Example of a first draft using the Template – DOWNLOAD HERE Some explanation: This is a script idea that I’ve been trying to flesh out for a few years. It is based on a real event.

In structuring it I quickly came to realise that it needed more incidents/story, so even at this stage it is becoming a mixture of the real and imagined.

The first time I wrote this story down was a few years ago when I was stuck for 2 hours in a queue of cars trying to get out of a Sainsbury’s car park, but I can not find where I have put that notebook.

The second attempt was three weeks ago when I started plotting it out with a Three Act Structure, but did not get very far.

The evening before the workshop I did sit down and force myself to work it through with the template.

This latest version has allowed me to see how better to structure it, to use the repetition of the Monday mornings and also where I can expand or embellish the story. The teacher part at the end, where he tells the main character something useful and then takes it back, although it is strange I really like it at the moment. Although maybe this last part needs to be told in a different way.

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