Great night for Hidden Heroes at the Troxy

Last night the Hidden Heroes film makers went to the 2015 Limelight Awards. The event took place at The Troxy, a beautiful Art Deco cinema a short walk from Limehouse DLR. Secret Cinema has used it for many of their screenings, for Casablanca they recreated Rick’s Bar. I do wish I could have seen that.

it says Hidden Heroes

On Monday night the Troxy was set out cabaret style for an awards evening. Each table seating the nominees for the different awards. This is how I imagine the Oscars or BAFTA ceremonies to be, and now I have some idea of what it must be like to win at one of those awards nights, because Hidden Heroes won the Best Animation Award.

The young people who worked on the film all went up to get the trophy, make a speech and then be interviewed about what it was like to win. The award was the first one of the evening and really after that everything else was a bit of an anti-climax. We were over whelmed for the next hour, we had a trophy on hour table for goodness sake, who wouldn’t be. The subsequent categories and awards went by in a blur.

detai_of_awardThe awards ceremony was a great success for us, and many other film makers and the whole evening was so perfectly put together. Thanks to everyone involved at Limelight for organising such a great evening.

limehouse_award_2015What’s next for the group that made Hidden Heroes remains to be seen, there was talk of trying something live action and for the Hidden Heroes film, hopefully more wins at film festivals and award ceremonies.