Holding History

Holding History is not an easy film to categorise. The scope of the history that it covers ranges from the Domesday Book to the AIDS epidemic that swept the world in the 1980s.

For the third film-making project working with the National Archives we looked at how we could expand the project and get the young people even more immersed in the archival material.

This was very much in response to the feedback we received after last years’ Suffrage Tales. More time with the archive records the participants asked for – so that’s what we endeavoured to do.

Well, after careful re-jigging of the programme we delivered our most immersive and epic project so far. As the week progressed the film-making room filled up like a movie back-lot with in one corner the court of Henry VIII’s, whilst in another corner we had a scale model of the car that Franz Ferdinand was riding in at the time of his assassination and a horrific model of Victorian prison cell.

The fabulous work that the young people created is all captured in the completed film. See the trailer for the film below.

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