The Photographers Gallery

During the summer I met with Jai Tyler, education manager at The Photographers Gallery. We met at the gallery which is situated in a great position just behind Oxford Street, in Ramilies Street.

Jai asked me if I could devise a workshop for young people interested in using their DSLRs for film making.

Workshop at The Photographers Gallery

My approach was to keep down the tech part of the workshop. And to instead get the young people using their cameras and creating images as soon as we possibly could. If they want to learn the technical stuff to a more proficient level then they can do that in their own time.

So on the workshop day we spent a short amount of time familiarising the young people with the technical aspects of cameras and film making. Then we launched  them into completing a ‘sweded’ movie making exercise. Where they had to recreate a movie trailer shot for shot.

Below is one I made during a workshop in 2013.

After lunch we switched again, this time to a stop motion exercise using plasticine.

The young people worked in two’s animating an emotion for instance sadness, anger or confusion.

Confusion Frame Grab 01
Confusion Frame Grab 02
Confusion Frame Grab 03
Confusion Frame Grab 04

I often think that the biggest barrier to making a film is just getting started. As well as actually finding the time to focus. So we rounded off the afternoon with a short – film development exercise. I gave everyone the time and a structure so they could start teasing out an idea for a film.

At the end of the day everyone went away with an idea of their own and a plan of how they can develop it into a short film.