About Me

I'm a filmmaker, artist, designer and educator. With over 25 years experience of creating films, visual communications and art projects.

I've worked extensively with community arts organisations, youth services, primary and secondary schools and charities devising workshops and projects for all ages and abilities.

My work has also involved collaborations with The National Archives, Museum of London, The D-Day Museum, Face Front Inclusive Theatre, Tower Hamlets arts and youth services, Kew Gardens education team, Yellow Brick Studio, The Photographers Gallery, Art Start, Photography Courses London, a New Direction and the London Borough of Enfield: Arts, Museums, Libraries and Youth Support Services.

I guess if you asked me why I do what I do I'd tell you this...

Star Wars 

I never wanted to be a fireman or a train driver I just got completely fascinated in how films are made and this was very much due to seeing Star Wars in 1978 and being interested in the visual effects. But also throughout my childhood being taken to the cinema by my parents to see films ranging from Snow White to The Spy Who Loved Me.

Album covers 

Music and album cover design led me to graphics, art, alternative culture, politics, ideas and understanding or deciphering signs and symbols long before I knew the word semiotics and the playful worlds created Umberto Eco.

Economic activity

It’s really important for me to employ other artists whenever I can. It’s what got me where I am. Other artists employed me they gave me creative work when I was really very despondent about ever being able to get away from menial jobs in supermarkets and warehouses. The path from art college into employment and into something you love was then, and still is, not an easy one. Maybe it shouldn’t be easy. Thank you Dean and Debbie!

Art and creative practice are not a hobby for me and not just about well-being. During the lockdowns I turned to gardening for well-being lol. 

Fitting in

Finding a space or a place for yourself in the world is difficult. But when I went to art college I finally found kindred spirits. I’d found a few before in the art room at school but at college they were everywhere.

Changing things

I aim to use the arts as a way of articulating social, political, environmental and personal concerns, as well as offering entertainment, personal development and fulfilment through all aspects of the creative process.


"And as things fell apart nobody paid much attention"

Nothing But Flowers - Talking Heads


I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go.”

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indiana Jones