Cyanotype Image Making Workshop

Cyanotype Image Making Workshop

Workshop, 2023-24

Client: Personal Project 

Concept: Nigel Kellaway, A Team Arts

Create a photographic journal and develop your own unique Cyanotype images and compositions from objects and nature.

Cyanotypes are made using a photographic printing process, without a camera, that produces rich Prussian blue images.

The process was created by Sir John Herschel in 1842, the technique was subsequently popularised by botanist and photographer Anna Atkins.

Join artist Nigel Kellaway in this practical Cyanotype workshop that guides you through creating a photographic journal where you will discover how to create Cyanotype images.

You will then have the opportunity to develop your own unique images and compositions from objects and nature.

  • This workshop is suitable for anyone aged 18+
  • Parents with children are welcome to attend together
  • No previous experience necessary - all materials supplied.
  • Feel free to bring small objects, leaves or flower heads to experiment with.

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