Gaunson Creative Open Studios 2022

Gaunson Creative Open Studios 2022

Visual identity, posters and A5 foldout leaflet, 2022

Client: Gaunson Creative Studios Ltd 

Cover Photo: Hanna Benihoud
Cover Painting: Steve Folk

In 2022 I had the opportunity to design the Gaunson Creative Open Studios publicity.

It's a job I've been interested in doing for years. Full disclosure I have a studio in the building.

We haven't run an open studios since 2019. 2020 was cancelled with the first lockdown. And the same thing happened with 2021.

My approach with this piece of work involved quite a lot of research and experimentation.

At the time I was developing my ideas I took a trip to Brussels where I visited the Tintin Museum and on the final morning before returning on Eurostar I found myself in the Magritte Museum. He was a brilliant draftsman and graphic artist creating very bold images.

As I wandered round the collection I came across the image below looping on a video screen.

The logotype for the Open Studios is very much an homage to that wonderful exhibition and Magritte.

The images used for the cover and boy did I try many, are by fellow GCS artists. The room is hannabenihoud's studio which still knocks me out every time I see it. The painting tonally complimenting the image room image is by @thestevefolk.