Workshop Making Workshop

Creative Workshops

Workshop Making Workshop

Workshops for creatives, visual identity, 2022-2023

Client: Personal project 

Concept: Nigel Kellaway, Katia Potapova
Workshop Design: Nigel Kellaway
Graphic Design: Nigel Kellaway


Want to develop creative and engaging workshops from your professional skills and experience?

Unsure where to start the process or how to devise creative activities that will succeed with a wide range of ages and abilities?

And what about managing the sessions, finding venues, risk assessments, insurance, pricing and understanding the different ways people learn?

I've developed this workshop to help creatives explore how to turn their ideas into entertaining, well structured and informed workshops.

Areas covered include:

  • Theoretical background and best practice in devising and delivering workshops.
  • Case study for a successful workshop from initial idea to successful delivery.
  • Creating your workshop plan.

Skills needed for the workshop:

  • A desire to spread your passion, knowledge and interests to other people.
  • An idea for a workshop you would like to develop.
  • No educational training is necessary for this workshop.
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Feedback from Workshop Attendees

"...thanks for a great workshop - I learnt a lot from how you led and managed the group, e.g., your relaxed approach, but also keeping us moving forward through the schedule, and being clear about the format of the day."
- Creative Arts Consultant

"Great workshop. Presented well and easy to understand. Will definitely recommend."
- Anon

"The right balance of listening and participating... - it was good and fun!"
- Anon

"I thought the exercise before lunch was genius - short, fun and a great way to learn something else about everyone quickly."
- Creative Arts Consultant

"The practical aspect, going through each section, was really thorough. Offering realistic advice and clear instructions on how to plan a workshop. The short interactive aspect makes you try it out yourself."
- Anon

"I particularly liked the workshop task - as I was worried about facilitating a workshop but that took the pressure off."
- Anon